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TV Shows ruin my life, movies bring me to tears, and I hate school.

Idk why but my captions for my pictures won’t show up and idk why

"Beckett are you okay"

"Yeah I’m fine, I just never thought I’d see him again"


You know, out of all the scenarios I had about this episode- I didn’t even come close. But gotta say, I was a little worried that Castle did have something to do with his own disappearance-

 Damn you Epso for putting those thoughts in my head! Also, I’m really sad we didn’t get the wedding at all.

Can’t wait until the next episode!

"To my amazing mother. My wonderful daughter. And the love of my life."


Two things that pissed me off. One how can the FBI write Castle off so quickly when they saw him on video with the money. He could of had a bomb on him or his family threatened. It was perfect way for kidnappers not to be on camera. It was the first thought that came to mind.

Two, even if Castle…

Beckett interrogating the hell out of people

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